Logan Gelbrich: Finding Success after Baseball

Logan Gelbrich

In 2008, Logan Gelbrich was living his dream.  After playing baseball for 4 years at the University of San Diego on a combination athletic and academic scholarship, Logan was drafted by the San Diego Padres.  His only goal: to become a major league catcher.  But, after two seasons in the minor leagues, Logan was released by the Padres.  And in spite of an opportunity to sign another contract, one that would have Logan filling a role versus allowing him to pursue his goal of becoming a major leaguer, he made a calculated decision to walk away.

“I knew I made a max effort at baseball, so I don’t have any regrets.”

Logan isn’t prone to spending a lot of time thinking about what might have been.  He is too busy living his life and creating success with his own sweat.

“I was never just an athlete.  In both academics and athletics, I tended to work harder than other people.  Up until 2009, my focus had been geared toward one specific goal; however I wanted to be good across a number of domains.  I read 100 books, I spent time writing and painting, and I explored my faith.  I wanted to figure out how to win at life.”

And along the way Logan found his way to CrossFit.  “I got my level one and Olympic lifting certifications.”

CrossFit Games Logan Gelbrich

And Logan was able to learn from one of the best, Andy Petranek, a fitness and business professional at CrossFit LA. “I basically knocked on their door to see what I could learn from them.  Andy showed me the ropes.”

That instruction from Andy was more than just CrossFit training, it included the business of running a gym.  Logan said, “I always knew I wanted to build companies, so I started writing a business plan for opening my own gym.”

Logan’s idea of a gym was a bit different than a typical CrossFit garage gym.  His idea was Functional Fitness on the Bluffs in Santa Monica, California, a place to practice high intensity exercise in a natural setting.  “We pride ourselves in looking nothing like a gym.  We are the anti-gym.”

Functional Fitness on the Bluffs

But rather than being satisfied with a single business, Logan has branched out to pursue an opportunity related to his interest in nutrition.  He has recently launched Original Nutritionals to fill a gap he saw in the supplement industry.

“I don’t believe in synthetic supplements, I eat food.”

However, with Original Nutritionals, Logan is offering nutritional products derived from real food.  “We aren’t interested in compromise in creating imitations of food.”  According to Logan, there are a lot of companies in the supplement space trying to convince you that their product is a necessity, but this idea is oversold.  “Supplements are an asset to aid and assist versus a necessary requirement.”

The first product the company has released is Functional O3, an Omega 3 fish oil.  And more products are set to roll out later this year.  But Logan will do so with care and a watchful eye 0n his belief in the value of eating real food.  “Anything we want to do in the nutritional space is available; however we need to be true to our branding.  Everything needs to be real.”

You can learn more about Original Nutritionals at there website or on Facebook.  And in addition, Logan Gelbrich is a frequent contributor to the website Breaking Muscle.

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