Competing in Concept2 Rowing Events

As someone relatively new to CrossFit, I can tell you that there are activities at the gym that I greatly enjoy and others I enjoy slightly less.  When I show up for a WOD at CrossFit Local and find rowing front and center, I am thrilled, in spite of not being a great rower.  Maybe … Read more

Overtraining Syndrome: Rest, Recover, and Regenerate

Recovery is an essential aspect of the training process. Put simply, if we aren’t recovering from the stresses we are placing on our bodies, we can’t improve. We typically discuss various training methods and strategies to help improve sports performance, often overlooking the importance of recovery and what we are doing outside of the gym … Read more

Mastering Your Body Weight

Al Kavadlo 2-Man Flag

While there’s no such thing as true mastery, it’s great to strive for ideals as long as we realize they are just that–something to reach for. On the road to superior fitness, it is good to have a sense of your place so you can determine the logical way to progress. In gymnastics (which is just a highly … Read more

An Introduction to Barefoot Running

1) In your eBook, you suggest that people considering barefoot running should begin by going straight to barefoot running as opposed to purchasing a minimalist running shoe. What is the primary argument for this approach? There have been some experiments which have shown that even the slightest bit of padding or material between the bottom … Read more