Ice Bath Recovery – Should you take the Plunge?

Almost every day I see someone on Twitter talking about finishing up a hard workout and heading home to suffer through an ice bath. And why not?  A lot of people have had personal experiences where ice baths have reduced soreness and made it possible to get back to training.  That’s the goal right, to … Read more

Al Kavadlo: Zen Fitness Via Bodyweight Training

When I examine the things I am passionate about, I am struck by the diverse nature of my interests:  CrossFit and sprinting, beekeeping and gardening, entrepreneurship, food, health, diet, and family.  For me, having many areas to learn and grow in is what keeps life interesting, and perhaps for you as well. But, within a … Read more

Cary CrossFit: Forging Future Olympians

Future Olympians at Cary CrossFit

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd that the world is now filled with multi-million dollar celebrity chefs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love great food, and I am a fan of Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bordain, and Gordon Ramsey.  My problem is my inability to understand why these folks are held in such … Read more

Al Kavadlo Shares His Best Abdominal Exercises

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “what’s the best way to work your abs?” Most people who ask are concerned about aesthetics – they want to get a six pack – but core training can be functional too. That’s why the best ab exercises will do much more for you than … Read more

Beast Skills: An Interview with Jim Bathurst

Since his early teens, Beast Skills founder Jim Bathurst has been developing and refining his strength and gymnastics skills.  For two years in college, Jim was part of an exhibitional gymnastics group called Gymkana where his team “put on shows at local schools to promote healthy living.”  And following college, Jim became a Certified Strength … Read more