Another Perspective on Starting CrossFit

Last week I wrote a post called Starting CrossFit – What Should I do to Prepare?  and suggested to people who were seriously out of shape that they use Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Fitness as a way to prep for CrossFit.  A number of people rightfully pointed out that simply signing up and showing up … Read more

Starting CrossFit: What Should I Do to Prepare?

Starting CrossFit with Primal BluePrint Fitness

This week I posted a short article about CrossFit and The Biggest Loser.  It quickly become the most popular article on the site and has been shared all over Facebook.  However, given that there was little meat to the article, I tried to understand why it resonated. What I came up with was the following:  … Read more

Orthostatic Heart Rate: A Simple Training Tool

Last Updated: August 28th, 2016 Have you ever stood up too quickly from a seated position and felt dizzy or lightheaded?  The reason is that your blood pressure drops due to gravity – your blood is pooling in the lower parts of your body. However it would be rare that you pass out in this … Read more

Kids and Sports

Next week my sons, Neil and Evan, will turn 9 years old.  It is an awesome age where they are hungry to learn new things, AND they still think their Dad is cool – I’m guessing this will start changing in the next couple of years. For the most part, Jenny and I have encouraged … Read more

Choosing a Massage Therapist: A Guide for Athletes

If you are like me, sometimes things go awry with your body – I wrote a bit about one of my issues in the post about shoulder pain.  And yes, there are some great resources out there to help you work out those kinks (like the Mobility WOD), but what if those irritating issues hang … Read more