Periodization, Burnout, and Balance

Author: Dawn Fletcher CrossFitters are often rushing around between work, home and play and then training at maximum effort during high intensity WODS with a goal to do more work in less time. Phew! Our community is full of motivated go-getters that are passionate and driven to be better and accomplish more. I am one of those people. CrossFitters train hard, work hard, play hard and live hard. The workouts are constantly challenging our ability to be more intense. I don’t believe … Read more

Competing in Concept2 Rowing Events

As someone relatively new to CrossFit, I can tell you that there are activities at the gym that I greatly enjoy and others I enjoy slightly less.  When I show up for a WOD at CrossFit Local and find rowing front and center, I am thrilled, in spite of not being a great rower.  Maybe it’s because if we are rowing that day, it means we MAY not be doing lots of wall balls, burpees … Read more

The Best Versions of Us

Author: Melissa Joulwan I’ve had a weight loss goal since I was 13 years old. That’s almost 30 years of living with a number hanging over my head. From Weight Watchers summer camp to the rice diet to Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Plan to Weight Watchers to the Zone to Paleo – with aerobics videos and step aerobics and triathlons and boxing and Roller Derby and half marathons and CrossFit along the way. My motivations … Read more

The Economics of Performance, Health and Longevity

Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti

Written by Robb Wolf Most folks that know me will not be surprised if I say “Hi, My name is Robb Wolf, I’m a geek.” My name is in fact Robb Wolf, and yes, I am a geek. Most folks (other than my wife) might be surprised if I say “Hi, I’m Robb, I’m super lazy.” Now, people might be surprised by this because I do a fair amount of blogging, podcasting, traveling, tweeting and … Read more