Britney Henry: Putting the Hammer Down!

Imagine whipping a hammer – a 4 kilogram steel ball attached by a nearly 4 foot long wire to a handle – around your head before letting it fly.  To me this sounds like a recipe for humiliation if not serious injury.  But for Britney Henry, it’s something she is able to do with perfect … Read more

Melinda Owen: Defying Gravity

It seems fair to say that Melinda Owen is a small town girl, having grown up in Polson, Montana with a population of just over 4000 people.  In school Melinda participated in softball and also track and field where the rules “limited” her to competing in only seven events.  As early as her freshman year … Read more

The 3 Laws of Speed Development

Editor’s note:  Latif Thomas has graciously agreed to share this article about how to improve sprinting speed.  It is written as advice to coaches; however it is 100% applicable to any athlete that wishes to get faster. The First Law of Speed Development: Speed is a Skill The dividing line between “good” and “bad” coaches starts … Read more

Mike Hazle: Heeding the Call to Serve

Mike Hazle Javelin Throw

What is your vision of how elite Olympic athletes live and train?  Are they able to enjoy the financial fruits of their athletic achievements?  Are they surrounded by a cadre of coaches, trainers, sponsors, and handlers who attend to their every need?  If this is your image of an Olympic athlete, prepare to be disappointed. … Read more

What is Speed Endurance Training?

The purpose of speed endurance training is to prolong the amount of time where a near maximal speed can be maintained. Although the term is aimed at the long sprinters (200m-400m), speed endurance training also benefits the longer distance runners as well as other events like hockey. The training range for sprinters will usually be … Read more