Connor Fields: BMX at the Olympic Games

BMX Racer Connor Fields

Updated: 8/19/2016 – Connor Fields wins Olympic Gold in Rio! Connor Fields is a young man competing in a freshly minted Olympic Sport, BMX racing.  At only 19 years of age Connor is a BMX phenom, a multi-race podium finisher in World Cup events, and just last month he took the gold medal at the … Read more

An Olympian’s Path from the Pool to CrossFit

Olympian Adriana Marmolejo

After a career that included participating in three Olympic Games, 75 Mexican national titles, and 50 national records, Adriana (Marmolejo) Schack was forced to retire from competitive swimming.  At only 28 years old, Adriana had destroyed a significant amount of cartilage in her knees which led to multiple surgeries.  It turns out that Adriana’s specialty, … Read more

Cary CrossFit: Forging Future Olympians

Future Olympians at Cary CrossFit

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd that the world is now filled with multi-million dollar celebrity chefs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love great food, and I am a fan of Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bordain, and Gordon Ramsey.  My problem is my inability to understand why these folks are held in such … Read more

Britney Henry: Putting the Hammer Down!

Imagine whipping a hammer – a 4 kilogram steel ball attached by a nearly 4 foot long wire to a handle – around your head before letting it fly.  To me this sounds like a recipe for humiliation if not serious injury.  But for Britney Henry, it’s something she is able to do with perfect … Read more

Melinda Owen: Defying Gravity

It seems fair to say that Melinda Owen is a small town girl, having grown up in Polson, Montana with a population of just over 4000 people.  In school Melinda participated in softball and also track and field where the rules “limited” her to competing in only seven events.  As early as her freshman year … Read more