Olympic Trials 2012: Marathoner Nick Arciniaga Chases a Dream

In a few short days, Nick Arciniaga will take aim at his dream of competing in the marathon at the Olympics.  But in order to realize that dream, Nick needs to make the US team, and that will be determined on Saturday, January 14th at the Olympic Trials 2012 in Houston, Texas.  According to the Olympic Trials 2012 website, “The 8-mile loop course was designed to replicate the course in London at the 2012 Olympic … Read more

Lessons From Great Athletes

Author: Chris Beardsley Great athletes are an inspiration to us all. They make tremendous sacrifices, and they push themselves harder than you and I could ever imagine. Because of their determination to succeed, they do things differently, and they have a different perspective on things. By looking back at the lives of some of the greatest athletes, we can see what they do, that normal people don’t do. We can see what kind of perspectives, … Read more

Olympic Kayaker Scott Parsons

Olympian Scott Parsons Paddling

When the 2012 Olympic Games roll around next summer, Scott Parsons will have the benefit of two previous Olympic experiences.  As a member of the USA Kayak team, Scott had a 6th place finish in Athens in 2004, a 15th place finish at the 2011 Slalom World Championships, and has already earned a 2012 Olympic roster spot for Team USA. From USA Canoe/Kayak: “Scotty, as he’s called by his friends, is one of the most … Read more

Connor Fields: BMX at the Olympic Games

BMX Racer Connor Fields

Updated: 8/19/2016 – Connor Fields wins Olympic Gold in Rio! Connor Fields is a young man competing in a freshly minted Olympic Sport, BMX racing.  At only 19 years of age Connor is a BMX phenom, a multi-race podium finisher in World Cup events, and just last month he took the gold medal at the Pan American Games. In spite of Connor’s youth, he is actually a seasoned veteran of his sport.  From USA Cycling: … Read more

Rowing Across the Arctic Ocean: Are you Kidding Me?

Row for Hope - Arctic Row

“Now is the time to think of only one thing, that which I was born for.” – Ernest Hemingway Next summer four athletes will embark on an epic adventure to row 1100 miles across the Arctic Ocean, a feat that has never been attempted or accomplished.  Think about that for a moment – the tallest peaks have been scaled, man has walked on the moon, but no one has ever rowed the Arctic Ocean. In … Read more

Britney Henry: Putting the Hammer Down!

Imagine whipping a hammer – a 4 kilogram steel ball attached by a nearly 4 foot long wire to a handle – around your head before letting it fly.  To me this sounds like a recipe for humiliation if not serious injury.  But for Britney Henry, it’s something she is able to do with perfect “timing, balance, power, and speed.”  The end result looks something like this: Even though I have never attempted a hammer … Read more

Melinda Owen: Defying Gravity

It seems fair to say that Melinda Owen is a small town girl, having grown up in Polson, Montana with a population of just over 4000 people.  In school Melinda participated in softball and also track and field where the rules “limited” her to competing in only seven events.  As early as her freshman year in high school, Melinda found and fell in love with the pole vault. But the stage that Melinda stands on … Read more

Mike Hazle: Heeding the Call to Serve

Mike Hazle Javelin Throw

What is your vision of how elite Olympic athletes live and train?  Are they able to enjoy the financial fruits of their athletic achievements?  Are they surrounded by a cadre of coaches, trainers, sponsors, and handlers who attend to their every need?  If this is your image of an Olympic athlete, prepare to be disappointed. I recently caught up with Mike Hazle, a 32 year old javelin thrower from Texas who now lives in Chula … Read more

Smooth Sailing with CrossFit: Team Maclaren Goes for Gold

Anna Tunnicliffe (center) is no stranger to Olympic sailing gold, and next summer in London she will attempt a repeat performance.   However, unlike her solo victory in Beijing in 2008, Anna will be stationed alongside teammates Molly Vandemoer (right) and Debbie Capozzi (left) on an Elliott 6m keelboat. In addition to sailing, all three athletes competed in other sports in high school.  According to Anna, “Molly was an avid swimmer, Debbie played softball, basketball, tennis, … Read more

Brianna Glenn: Ready for Takeoff

Brianna Glenn Jumping


As I contemplate my own goals for athletic achievement, it is difficult for me to imagine what it must be like to pursue an Olympic dream.  Olympic athletes make enormous sacrifices (physical, financial, social, and emotional) all with the hope of representing their country and competing against talent that has taken a similar path.

Brianna Glenn has been competing and winning at an elite level in track and field for over a decade. With personal bests of 11.10 seconds in the 100m, 22.21 seconds in the 200m, and a 6.87 meter (22 feet 6.5 inches) long jump, Brianna is hoping to add one more achievement to her incredible career:  2012 Olympic medalist.  Injuries in 2008 prevented her from realizing her dream at the Beijing Olympics; however if sheer determination is any predictor of success, Brianna will certainly find a spot competing in the long jump for the United States next year in London.

Brianna has graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions:

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Heather Dorniden Kampf: Running With Passion

Heather Dorniden from The Race

Editor’s Note:  Heather Dorniden Kampf’s performance in the video below may be the most inspirational athletic performance I have ever witnessed.  It is a reminder that our perception of what is possible may be the largest limiting factor in achieving and surpassing our goals. However, life is much more than a one-and-a-half minute race and as such, I have asked Dan Adams from Athletic Capital to share the following excerpt from his recent interview with … Read more