Amanda Smock: Peaking at the Right Time

Amanda Smock

Amanda Smock can appreciate the supreme disappointment felt by 90% of the athletes that competed in the Olympic Trials last month in Eugene, Oregon.  In 2008 at the Trials, Amanda placed fifth in the triple jump, failing to qualify for a trip to Beijing.  And following that failure, she was tempted to set aside her Olympic dreams and move on with her life. But in spite of a number of challenges, Amanda found the will … Read more

Amanda Beard: The Limitation of Labels

Amanda Beard

“People call these things imperfections, but they’re not, aw, that’s the good stuff. ” – Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting By all outward appearances, Amanda Beard’s life looks like a fairy tale.  As a 3-time Olympian and a 7-time Olympic medalist in swimming, Amanda has accomplished more as a competitive athlete than most people can dream about, much less realize.  However, her life out of the swimming pool has been less than perfect.  In her … Read more

Amy Yoder Begley Practices Perseverance

When American middle distance runner Amy Yoder Begley talks about preparing for the Olympics, she knows what she is talking about.  In 2008 she qualified for the Beijing Olympics in the 10,000 meters by crushing the last 800 meters.  However, her performance at the Games left her unsatisfied.  And, given her aspirations for London, in an ideal world she would be well into her preparations for the Olympic trials on June 22, 2012. But this … Read more

Elite BMX Rider Amanda Carr Chases Her Olympic Dream

    21 year old Amanda Carr is without a doubt a gifted athlete.  During high school she earned an incredible 17 varsity letters in sports such as golf, track and field, weight lifting and soccer, all while maintaining a 3.84 GPA.  But at this point in her life Amanda has narrowed her focus and is dedicated to a singular purpose, becoming an Olympic BMX Rider for Team USA and taking a medal in London. … Read more

Jamaican Track and Field Superstar Davian Clarke

Jamaican Track and Field Athlete Davian Clarke

When competitive careers are over, many athletes are quickly forgotten.  Past accomplishments are overshadowed by the exploits of current athletes, and opportunities to leverage athletic talents into careers related to their sport never materialize. For Davian Clarke, a former Jamaican track and field athlete, neither of those are true.  Clarke has taken advantage of his track and field expertise to become the Assistant Track and Field Coach for Sprints and Hurdles at the University of … Read more

Logan Gelbrich: Finding Success after Baseball

CrossFit Games Logan Gelbrich

In 2008, Logan Gelbrich was living his dream.  After playing baseball for 4 years at the University of San Diego on a combination athletic and academic scholarship, Logan was drafted by the San Diego Padres.  His only goal: to become a major league catcher.  But, after two seasons in the minor leagues, Logan was released by the Padres.  And in spite of an opportunity to sign another contract, one that would have Logan filling a … Read more

Brooke Bennett: Starting from Scratch

Brooke Bennett, appropriately nicknamed “waterbabi’, was destined to be a swimmer.  It was her life.  It defined her. Beginning with swim lessons at 3, joining her first team at 5, and getting Olympic fever at 8, Brooke spent nearly every waking hour in the pool or thinking about how to swim faster.  And that dedication and focus paid off. At age 16, she became the sweetheart of the 1996 Olympics, edging out Janet Evans for the gold … Read more

Nate Schrader: Confidently Going About His Business

Last week I made the drive from Chapel Hill to Fayetteville, NC.  I did so to catch up with Nate Schrader. At 6’1” and 210 lbs. he looks well suited to wreak havoc on a football field, and yet Nate chooses to compete at CrossFit.  For Nate, CrossFit isn’t salvation or transformation, but rather it is a way to channel his competitive and professional energies.  And 2012 is his year to do just that.  In … Read more

Mary Wineberg: Responsibility Without Regret

Mary Wineberg is a track and field athlete whose life is filled with love, success, and joy. She found love with her college sweetheart, Chris Wineberg, who she married in 2006. She found success in Beijing in 2008 when she stood alongside her teammates and accepted the Olympic gold medal in the 4x400m relay. And she found joy in 2009 with the birth of her daughter Brooklyn. But life is rarely a perfect package with … Read more

April Holmes Prepares for the 2012 Paralympic Games

Some people become victims to tragic, life changing events.  For others, those same events neither define nor deter them – they simply become integrated experiences that shape and sculpt their lives. For April Holmes, one of those life changing moments occurred 11 years and 9 days ago, but the day is often overlooked.  April explains, “It just doesn’t seem that important.  The actual day of my accident always passes before I realize it.” On January … Read more

Olympic Archery: Taking Aim with Jake Kaminski

Leaving the archer’s bow, an arrow travels at over 200 feet per second and seeks a circular bull’s eye the size of a compact disc 70 meters away.  To say that there isn’t much room for error in Olympic Archery is a gross understatement. And as you construct a mental image of a target 70 meters away, keep this in mind – due to the laws of gravity, an arrow will drop by as much … Read more