Compression Socks: Are They Effective?

Compression Socks

Walk in any CrossFit gym in the country and you are sure to see quite a few people wearing knee-high compression socks. These socks, also popular in the running and triathlon communities, are sold with the promise of improved athletic performance and quicker recovery. Certainly compression socks have shown great benefit as a means to improve circulation in people who have diabetes or are bedridden due to illness. As blood tends to pool in the lower extremities, … Read more

DIY Plyo Box: Build Two for $40

DIY plyo box

Plyo boxes are a fantastic tool to improve your vertical jump by building explosive power and strength in your legs. If you workout at a CrossFit gym, the plyo boxes are typically narrower at the top and have a wider base, and this helps you to avoid scraping your shins along the top edge. This style of plyo box can be purchased online. But, if you are have a table saw, you can build them … Read more

My Concept 2 Rowing Machine – Expectations Exceeded

Concept 2 Rowing Machine - Model D

Two weeks ago, I ordered a new Concept 2 rowing machine.  I paid full price so in no way are my comments influenced by any discount or commission from Concept 2. I looked around for a used machine, but 1) there were none to be found locally and 2) the ones I saw outside of my area were nearly as expensive as a new one. Deciding which indoor rower to purchase was an easy decision … Read more