SEALFIT: A Challenge Beyond CrossFit


When I launched My Athletic Life last month, I emailed all of the CrossFit affiliates, letting them know about our site.  The very first response I received back was from Mark Divine and it said, “Let me know if I can support you in any way going forward.” At the time I didn’t know Mark, … Read more

CrossFit Resources: A Map of CrossFit Gyms

We are pleased to announce a CrossFit Resources Page which, among other things, contains a map with the locations of 1700+ CrossFit gyms.  The gyms that are currently in our database are nearly all US-based, but over the next few weeks we will enter the remaining affiliates.  You can navigate to the CrossFit Resources Page … Read more

Trigger Point Therapy 101

Training hard comes with a price. That price is usually some sort of nagging pain or injury that we typically just assume will be with us for the rest of our lives. “Oh yea, it is just my bad shoulder. It always aches after I bench.” “You know how that knee is. There is usually … Read more

Smooth Sailing with CrossFit: Team Maclaren Goes for Gold

  Anna Tunnicliffe (center) is no stranger to Olympic sailing gold, and next summer in London she will attempt a repeat performance.   However, unlike her solo victory in Beijing in 2008, Anna will be stationed alongside teammates Molly Vandemoer (right) and Debbie Capozzi (left) on an Elliott 6m keelboat. In addition to sailing, all three … Read more

Jenn’s Paleo Journey

I recently wrapped up a Paleo challenge at my gym, my third 100% Paleo challenge.  And for the first time ever, I weigh what I did when I graduated high school almost 12 years ago.  I reached my goal weight in a year. But if you had told me a year and a month ago that this … Read more