Lauren Fleshman: It’s Freaking Science Dude

Lauren Fleshman

Lauren Fleshman is a feisty, world-class, super fast middle and long distance runner competing as a member of the Oregon Track Club Elite team.  She is also a “smarty pants.” Yep, she has a BA from Stanford in Biology with a bonus MA in Education. But Lauren isn’t simply “book smart.”   She has combined what … Read more

Al Joyner: The First Family of Track and Field

  I have to admit, I get a bit star-struck when it comes to my work with the Track and Field Athletes Association – I mean, seriously.  I get to interact with and ask questions of elite runners, jumpers and throwers every single week. One of the most important things that I have realized is … Read more

Don’t Try This at Home

Fresh off an a personal record in the Olympic 800 meter finals, USA track and field athlete Nick Symmonds demonstrates how to bridge the gap between hard training runs and simply enjoying life. In the video below, Nick is going for a new American record in an event called the “Beer Mile.”  My advice – … Read more

Usain Bolt: 41 Steps for 100 Meters – I Take 57

Usain Bolt 41 steps

Ok, so I am not Usain Bolt, and I never will be – I get it. But I would like to be a faster runner.  As I wrote about previously, I have a goal to run a sub-60 second 400 meter dash.  And given that I am currently 45 years old, that would be a … Read more