Track and Field Resources

Much like the cicadas that emerge every thirteen years to bask in glory for a few weeks, the world of track and field is starting to buzz again.  You see, we have less than one month until the 2012 Olympic Trials, followed by the London Games in July.  This means that the general public, not just the die-hard fans, will tune in and take notice of the sport.

Just this week, ESPN and HBO featured profiles of US hurdler Lolo Jones:

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And sprinter Tyson Gay is getting a lot of air time with his Gillette commercial.  But this is only the beginning.  Once the Trials have finished, a number of major brands will trip over themselves in an attempt to be associated with Team USA.

But why not get ahead of the advertisers and check out some of the athletes and their stories before the Trials?  Not all athletes will realize their dream, but that is the reality of the sport.

Below are a few of the top track and field resources on the internet.   These blogs and news sites will help you get up to speed in no time flat.

Track and Field Resources