An Interview with Sarah Fragoso, Bestselling Author of Everday Paleo

Most likely you are already a huge fan of Sarah Fragoso, the author of the national bestseller Everyday Paleo; however if you don’t know Sarah, here is a brief excerpt from her website outlining her path to Paleo.

My Paleo Journey began in February of 2008 when I had hit rock bottom as far as my health was concerned. After the birth of my third little boy, Rowan, I was overweight and suffered from several minor but annoying health issues from constant painful swelling in my legs to depression. I began to work out at Norcal Strength and Conditioning and after learning about Paleo from Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti, my paleo journey began! I found it difficult at first to manage my new found path to health, take care of my family, AND try to find time for me, but with a bit of re-prioritizing and an awesome support network, Paleo is no longer a diet for me but a lifestyle.

Today we are pleased to share the following interview with Sarah:

1) As you interact with the readers of Everyday Paleo and travel around the country, are you finding that Paleo is becoming mainstream (are we reaching a tipping point)?

Yes, absolutely. I would actually be so brave as to call Paleo a trend that is here to stay because you know what- it works! I feel like the majority of people I meet either know what paleo is or at least they have heard about it. I also have noticed that the latest fad at the moment is “gluten free” which is a step in the right direction, although most gluten free treats are still filled with sugars and other unnecessary fillers but at least the awareness is there.

2) One of the challenges for many people in modifying their diet is how to get family members on board. You have a great discussion of this in your book based on your experience. Can you share a few hints?

I suggest removing all the foods from the house that you do NOT want your family to eat. This sounds scary to a lot of people and it might be slower transition for some families but without the unhealthy food options available, your children can still choose what they want to eat but without the battle! If there are not any cookies or chips, your little ones will have to choose between the beef jerky or the apple slices and almond butter and either choice is a good one so everybody wins. I also encourage families to let their little ones help with the food prep. Kids are more likely to try and eat food that they have prepared, especially when you praise them for their efforts and go crazy over how great the food tastes that they have helped to create!

3) What are your thoughts on the health and performance benefits of adopting a Paleo diet for someone who is participating in a structured training program versus the same person eating a standard American diet?

I have seen top tier athletes (including my own husband) go from great to amazing by simply changing what they eat. Most people who perform well at a particular sport or in the gym will see an increase in strength, stamina, and recovery after removing Neolithic foods that cause inflammation and inhibit proper nutrient absorption. This lifestyle is beneficial for everyone and even athletes who might have been eating a healthier version of a standard American diet can thrive and perform better when making the switch to paleo. This is not a one size fits all program, but rather a way of life, and everyone can find a way to look, feel, and perform better, even if they think they are at the top of their game already!

4) For many athletes, getting an extra nutritional boost post-workout is a big priority. What would you recommend for post-workout nutrition for athletes eating a Paleo diet?

I would recommend sweet potatoes and some protein. We typically make several sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week and have them ready to take with us to the gym for a post recovery snack.

5) Since you made the switch to Paleo in 2008 it appears that you have been fairly busy (a huge understatement). You started a blog, began a regular podcast, started a Paleo seminar series, and wrote an incredibly successful cookbook.  What are your plans for the next year or two?

I am currently working on a few projects (books) and I’ll be sharing more information as to the detail of these projects when the release dates approach. I am also very focused on my family.  I simply cannot believe how fast my kids are growing and I do not want to miss a single minute! My family is incredibly supportive and involved with Everyday Paleo and even my littlest one makes sure to remind me to take pictures of our food so I can put it on the “puter” (computer). I’m happy and excited that this journey is a family affair and with all of us involved I am constantly inspired to do more.

Thanks Sarah!  And readers, head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Everyday Paleo.