I’m Talking Dirty


Everyone’s doing it these days, some 1.5 million in 2012 with no shortage of new people joining the party this year.   Some do it alone, but most think it as an experience best shared with close friends.   And bragging about it after the fact is also part of the appeal. What am I talking about?  […]

Pose Running: Is it Appropriate for Sprinting?

Usain Bolt 41 steps

For an elite sprinter like Usain Bolt running is poetry personified.  With perfect rhythm and no wasted motion, his running appears effortless.  This appearance is the byproduct of years of refining his sprint technique. But what about everyday athletes?  Can we become faster sprinters with the proper coaching and training? Advocates of  the Pose Method […]

Strength and Endurance: Can We Have Both?

Fashletics Sarah Wilson

No one ever told me I could be strong.  From an early age I was told I had “the body of a runner.”  Translation: you are tall and skinny and should probably stay away from sports that involve physical contact with another human being or heavy objects. So I became a runner because that is […]

The 3 Laws of Speed Development

Sprint Speed

Editor’s note:  Latif Thomas has graciously agreed to share this article about how to improve sprinting speed.  It is written as advice to coaches; however it is 100% applicable to any athlete that wishes to get faster. The First Law of Speed Development: Speed is a Skill The dividing line between “good” and “bad” coaches starts […]

What is Speed Endurance Training?

Jeremy Wariner 400m Race

The purpose of speed endurance training is to prolong the amount of time where a near maximal speed can be maintained. Although the term is aimed at the long sprinters (200m-400m), speed endurance training also benefits the longer distance runners as well as other events like hockey. The training range for sprinters will usually be […]