What is a Healthy Breakfast?

What is a Healthy Breakfast

So what is a healthy breakfast?  If you read the article in Time Magazine referenced above, the answer isn’t bacon and eggs.  According to the first sentence, “Cholesterol is proved deadly, and our diet may never be the same.”  But that was written in 1984.  What does the best science tell us today?  We now […]

Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) be Legal?

World Record holder, Ben Johnson

Over the holidays, I reread Speed Trap, the story of Ben Johnson as told by his legendary coach, Charlie Francis.  For those of you that don’t follow track and field, or are too young to remember, Ben Johnson was the world record holder in the 100m dash in the late 1980’s.  And he won the […]

How Much Exercise is too Much?


This month marked a shift in my training from CrossFit to track and field specific training.  If you read An Achievable Goal or a Mid-Life Crisis, you will remember that I have a goal to run a sub-60 second 400 meter dash. I am finding that my current training threshold is about 5 hours per week, […]

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Processed vegetarian food

In a previous poll, I asked Do you Eat a Paleo Diet?, and an overwhelming majority of respondents answered yes.  Therefore it seems unlikely that many of you are current vegetarians or vegans. But the question for today is “Have you ever eaten a vegetarian or vegan diet?”  I was a vegetarian for over 8 years […]

Are you a Collector of Athletic Shoes?


When I started CrossFit six months ago, I owned a single pair of athletic shoes, something with plenty of arch support and well cushioned to protect my tender feet.  How things have changed.  I quickly purchased a pair of inexpensive Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s (high top edition).  Turns out these are a pretty poor […]