Amy Yoder Begley Practices Perseverance

Amy Yoder-Begley Team USA

When American middle distance runner Amy Yoder Begley talks about preparing for the Olympics, she knows what she is talking about.  In 2008 she qualified for the Beijing Olympics in the 10,000 meters by crushing the last 800 meters.  However, her performance at the Games left her unsatisfied.  And, given her aspirations for London, in […]

99% of Health-Related Newspaper Headlines are Bogus

Jeff Foxworthy

Well actually, I made that up.  But what if I were to cite a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article to back up my headline?  Would that make it true?  Apparently that is what many journalists believe. Recently, the Harvard School of Public Health published the results of a study on Red Meat Consumption and Mortality.  And […]

Elite BMX Rider Amanda Carr Chases Her Olympic Dream

BMX Rider Amanda Carr

    21 year old Amanda Carr is without a doubt a gifted athlete.  During high school she earned an incredible 17 varsity letters in sports such as golf, track and field, weight lifting and soccer, all while maintaining a 3.84 GPA.  But at this point in her life Amanda has narrowed her focus and […]

Jamaican Track and Field Superstar Davian Clarke

Jamaican Track and Field Athlete Davian Clarke

When competitive careers are over, many athletes are quickly forgotten.  Past accomplishments are overshadowed by the exploits of current athletes, and opportunities to leverage athletic talents into careers related to their sport never materialize. For Davian Clarke, a former Jamaican track and field athlete, neither of those are true.  Clarke has taken advantage of his […]

Logan Gelbrich: Finding Success after Baseball

CrossFit Games Logan Gelbrich

In 2008, Logan Gelbrich was living his dream.  After playing baseball for 4 years at the University of San Diego on a combination athletic and academic scholarship, Logan was drafted by the San Diego Padres.  His only goal: to become a major league catcher.  But, after two seasons in the minor leagues, Logan was released […]