SEALFIT: A Challenge Beyond CrossFit


When I launched My Athletic Life last month, I emailed all of the CrossFit affiliates, letting them know about our site.  The very first response I received back was from Mark Divine and it said, “Let me know if I can support you in any way going forward.” At the time I didn’t know Mark, […]

Britney Henry: Putting the Hammer Down!

Britney Henry - Squat

Imagine whipping a hammer – a 4 kilogram steel ball attached by a nearly 4 foot long wire to a handle – around your head before letting it fly.  To me this sounds like a recipe for humiliation if not serious injury.  But for Britney Henry, it’s something she is able to do with perfect […]

CrossFit Resources: A Map of CrossFit Gyms

Global Player

We are pleased to announce a CrossFit Resources Page which, among other things, contains a map with the locations of 1700+ CrossFit gyms.  The gyms that are currently in our database are nearly all US-based, but over the next few weeks we will enter the remaining affiliates.  You can navigate to the CrossFit Resources Page […]

Best of the Web: 10/8/2011

Thanks to all of you who voted in our poll, Are You a Member of a CrossFit Gym – and at least based on the people who choose to participate, most of our readers are in fact CrossFitters.  Early next week, we will be rolling out a CrossFit Resources page which will include an interactive map for locating […]

Celebrities Go Paleo

The following is an imaginary interview featuring two nameless cartoon characters. photo credit:   Lord Jim