Kids Hurdling

My name is Tim Huntley, and I’m 47 years old.  I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with my wife, Jenny, and our nine year old twin boys, Neil and Evan.  That’s them above demonstrating their hurdling abilities.

My interest in athletics and fitness is relatively new, as I have been sedentary nearly my entire life.  So when it comes to many of the topics that are presented here, I am most definitely a student and not a teacher.  But I am now up off the couch, pursuing a goal of running a sub-60 second 400m dash (current PR is 69 seconds as of 7/2012).

In addition to the articles I write here, I also creating content and on the Board of Directors for the Track and Field Athletes Association.  While I will never be an elite athlete, it is an honor and a privilege to work with the most talented runners on the planet.

Outside of my interest in athletics, I have had a fairly unique set of work experiences ranging from a high tech entrepreneur, to a stay at home dad, to a small-scale farmer.

My hope is that My Athletic Life will allow me share some of the things I am learning and connect with many of you along the way.  Thank you for reading!



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Tim Huntley , is currently the COO of Paired Health and was formerly the CEO of Ganymede Software. Tim spends his free time advising high tech start-ups, serving on the board for the Track and Field Athletes Association, and writing on his blog, An Entrepreneurial Life.

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