Finding a Gym While Traveling

Most CrossFit affiliates welcome drop-ins, so if you are planning a trip, check out WOD World, a great site that lets you easily zero in on a gym near your destination.  I asked the creator of the site, Vincent Leonetti, to describe it in a bit more detail:

The inspiration for WOD World came while I was traveling for my job last year.  Even though the CrossFit main site neatly lists all locations by city and state, there is a lot of extra work in trying to figure out which is the most convenient gym to visit.  The interactive map found at WOD World allows CrossFitters across the country (and soon the world) to search for a CrossFit location by city, state, zip or specific address.

Out of a total of 2700 CrossFit affiliates, I have mapped 1600 US locations and am actively updating the database. I encourage CrossFitters to provide me with feedback, changes, corrections, confirmations, and additions by visiting the Contact Page.

photo credit:  psmacmur

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